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Murray MPP2175KP Circuit Breaker

Murray MPP2175KP - Main, branch; 120/240 vac; 175 ampere; 2 pole; interrupting rating 100 kiloampere; with common trip

Murray MPP2200KH Circuit Breaker

Murray MPP2200KH - Common trip, branch, main type; 4 inch w size; rock solid loadcenter, 200 ampere modular/uni pack meter used on; 250 kcmil (aluminum), 3/0 awg (copper) wire size; 120/240 vac voltage rating...(more)

Murray MPP2225KH Circuit Breaker

Murray MPP2225KH - 2 pole; 120/240 vac; 225 ampere; interrupting rating 22 kiloampere (ul); wire size 300 kcmil (aluminum, load), 4/0 awg (copper, load); size 4 inch w; used on load center; mpp model; applicable standard nema ab-1

Murray NGB2C035B Circuit Breaker

Murray NGB2C035B - Reverse feed, thermal magnetic, molded case; 240 vac, 480 vac star/277 vac, 600 vac star/347 vac at 50/60 hz, 125/250 vdc (ul); 240/415 vac at 50/60 hz, 125/250 vdc (iec); 35 ampere at 40 deg c; 2 pole

Murray Q220AFC Circuit Breaker

Murray Q220AFC - 2 inch w size; loadcenter used on; ul 489, csa c22.2 approval; 120 vac voltage rating; plug-in mounting; 10 kiloampere interrupting rating; 20 ampere current rating; 2 poles; combination construction feature; speedfax[tm] brand; frame type qaf

Murray RHVMS24 Circuit Breaker

Murray RHVMS24 - Breaker vl rtry op shft

Murray GHN325NW Other

Murray GHN325NW - General duty safety; 240 v ac voltage; 250 v dc voltage; 400 ampere; power rating 50 hp at 240 vac 3 phase/250 vdc (standard); 125 hp at 240 vac 3 phase (maximum for time delay fuse); 2 pole; 3 wire; ...(more)

Murray HUN364AW Other

Murray HUN364AW - Heavy duty safety; 480/600 v ac voltage; 250/600 v dc voltage; 200 ampere; power rating 50 hp at 480 vac 1 phase (standard); 125 hp at 480 vac 3 phase, 50 hp at 600 vac 1 phase, 150 hp at 600 vac 3 phase (maximum); 40 hp at 250 vdc, 50 hp at 600 vdc

Murray HUN365AW Other

Murray HUN365AW - Heavy duty safety; 480/600 v ac voltage; 400 ampere; power rating 250 hp at 480 vac 3 phase, 350 hp at 600 vac 3 phase (standard); 3 pole; 3 wire; non fusible fuse; no neutral; nema 3r; size 26.95 inch w x 14.68 inch d x 45.19 inch h; approval ul

Murray LC4242B3200CU Other

Murray LC4242B3200CU - 3ph 200a ld-ctr

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