General Electric Circuit Breakers

New, used, and obsolete - all come with a 1-year replacement warranty

General Electric ACSMKSK Mounting Hardware

General Electric ACSMKSK - 1 breaker(s); used on skh/skl series 800/1200 ampere circuit breaker

General Electric ADS32200HD Circuit Breaker

General Electric ADS32200HD - Electrical rating 240 v 200 ampere; spectra series[t] brand; panelboard spectra series[t] model 3 pole; double unit with 2 switch; fuse type class h, r or k

General Electric AFP3SED Mounting Hardware

General Electric AFP3SED - Spectra series teb/ted/thed/seda/seha/sela/sepa 2/3-pole breaker frame panelboard used on; spectra[r] brand; mounting type dual mounted; maximum breaker rating 150 ampere; box width range 27 to 44 inch; includes hardware

General Electric AMC6EBFP Mounting Hardware

General Electric AMC6EBFP - Double branch type; 225 ampere 6-pole teb/ted/thed/sed/seh/sel/sep series circuit breaker used on; amc model

General Electric AMCB6EBFP Mounting Hardware

General Electric AMCB6EBFP - Dual mounted type; spectra series panelboard used on; spectra series[tm] brand; number of poles 6; circuit breaker frame se/teb/thed; includes filler plate kit

General Electric B208LSIGPMR Trip Units

General Electric B208LSIGPMR - 800 ampere; instantaneous/long delay time/short delay time, ground fault adjustment; approval ul, csa; microversatrip[r] brand; replacement trip unit; includes protective relay, metering and communication

General Electric CR151B2 Circuit Breaker

General Electric CR151B2 - 1-piece type; 6.88 inch length x 1.62 inch width x 1.16 inch height size; 18 to 10 awg (stranded/solid copper) wire size; ul, csa approval; 600 volt voltage rating; surface mounting...(more)

General Electric EP101UCB63 Circuit Breaker

General Electric EP101UCB63 - Molded case; 230/240/400 vac, 125/220 vdc; 63 ampere; 1 pole; interrupting rating 6 kiloampere at 230/400 vac, 10 kiloampere at 240 vac, 10 kiloampere at 125 vdc, 6 kiloampere at 220 vdc; approval ce; ep100 model

General Electric EP101ULC06 Circuit Breaker

General Electric EP101ULC06 - Molded case; 120/277 vac, 50 vdc (ul/csa); 230/240/400 vac, 60 vdc (iec); 6 ampere; 1 pole; interrupting rating 10 kiloampere at 120/277 vac, 10 kiloampere at 50 vdc (ul/csa)

General Electric EP101ULC10 Circuit Breaker

General Electric EP101ULC10 - Molded case; 120/277 vac, 50 vdc (ul/csa); 230/240/400 vac, 60 vdc (iec); 10 ampere; 1 pole; interrupting rating 10 kiloampere at 120/277 vac, 10 kiloampere at 50 vdc (ul/csa)

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General Electric Circuit Breakers - New and Obsolete

Breaker Connection has been specializing in new, reconditioned and obsolete General Electric Circuit Breakers and other electrical supply products for over 20 years. If you have old or hard-to-find circuit breakers, motor controls, bus plugs, or other electrical distribution products that need replacing give us a call or request a quote. We have new, used and obsolete products coming in all the time.

Due to the nature of the reconditioning process, we don't always get a chance to get all of our products represented in our online catalog - some are often sold before we get a chance to list them. If you don't see it listed, chances are, we likely have it in stock or can get it for you fast - and all of our reconditioned products carry the same 1-year warranty that come with our new products. And we offer price matching on all products - if you find it cheaper elsewhere, call us. We typically ship orders the same business day the order was received. Let us get you the General Electric General Electric Circuit Breakers Circuit Breakers you need, quickly.