Clark/Sylvania MCC Buckets/Motor Control Center Buckets In Stock

You can trust Breaker Connection to get you the Clark/Sylvania MCC bucket you need, quickly. Clark/Sylvania originally manufactured their Motor Control Center (MCC) Buckets decades ago. Although Clark/Sylvania no longer produces or supports their MCCs, Breaker Connection can supply refurbished versions of these Motor Control Center Buckets - our rebuilt models are retrofitted with new components, bringing your Motor Control Centers up to the latest technology without replacing the entire MCC. Each bucket features a full 1-year replacement warranty. Call us today for questions or to discuss your specific MCC Bucket needs.

Clark/Sylvania MCC Buckets

Clark/Sylvania  Motor Control Center/MCC Buckets
  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • Call 800-604-7360 for more info
  • When a Motor Control Center/MCC Bucket fails you only have two options - buy a reconditioned replacement or buy a brand new bucket. Buying a new replacement is a major undertaking, as the failed bucket is not the only thing that needs to be replaced. A complete retrofit of the entire motor control center will be in order. The cost and complexity of the project can easily skyrocket, not to mention the long lead times. Opting to rebuild eliminates the cost and necessity for new infrastructure. In fact, we can supply a completely reconditioned and fully tested Clark/Sylvania MCC bucket with the latest components in as little as one week in most cases, and will back the product with a full 1-year replacement warranty.

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