Crouse-Hinds Bus Plugs/Continental Bus Plugs - New, Reconditioned and Obsolete

You can trust Breaker Connection to get you the Arrow-Hart Bus Plug you need, quickly. Each bus plug features a full 1-year replacement warranty. Call us today for questions or to discuss your specific bus plug needs.

Crouse-Hinds/Continental Bus Plugs

Crouse-Hinds/Continental Bus Plugs
  • 3 Wire available up to 800 Amp
  • 4 Wire available up to 400 Amp
  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • Call 1-800-604-7360 for more info
  • A form of bus duct known as "plug-in bus", or bus plug, is used to distribute power down the length of a building; it is constructed to allow tap-off switches or motor controllers to be installed at designated places along the bus. We can supply a completely reconditioned and fully tested Crouse-Hinds Bus Plug and will back the product with a full 1-year replacement warranty. We stock new and used Crouse-Hinds bus plugs - call us for your specific needs.

    Crouse-Hinds Electric Company, a manufacturer of high grade electrical specialties, was established in 1894 in Syracuse, New York. They later shortened their name to Crouse-Hinds Company and beginning in the early 1920s specialized in the manufacture of traffic signals, controllers and accessories. The Crouse-Hinds company name is still in use today as a subsidiary of Cooper Industries.

    Cooper Industries provides a range of residential, institutional and industrial grade electrical devices and wiring for consumers and building contractors. The company is the successor to both Arrow-Hart & Hegeman and Eagle Electric, both of which Cooper Industries had acquired. The Arrow-Hart brand is still used by Cooper Wiring Devices for some of their commercial products.

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